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Streets of Aurangabad to Dubai - Shantanu Santikar makes Aurangabad proud with his Taekwondo skills

An Aurangabad based Taekwondo athlete who is mechanical engineer by profession is ready to be the first international Taekwondo athlete from Aurangabad to represent nation in the 10th Fujairah Open International Taekwondo Championship, ranked G2, will take place from 5 February to 8 February 2023.

Coming from the middle class family having expectations from parents and relatives is not an easy for Shantanu to makes his way to international while he has to balance his corporate job with regular Taekwondo Training.

"I had to stop my training as I was pressurized and compelled to do 9-5 slavery after graduating from college, but I found my purpose to continue to follow my passion after I came across one of my mentors Master Chony Basnet, the co-founder of Big Star Taekwondo Academy, could recognize

my potential and encouraged me to continue Taekwondo training back in 2021" says Shantanu in his recent interview in Big Star - A real talk show for real hustlers.

After a three years of training gap, Shantanu could succeed to win his silver medal in Maharashtra Mini Olympic Games this year.

"I can see the great potential in Shantanu as he can be the next Taekwondo superstar and will lead the new generation of Taekwondo fraternity" says Santosh Basnet, the Taekwondo coach of Shantanu.

Santosh Basnet has also been the India Taekwondo Head Coach for World Taekwondo Championship in Bulgaria and Asian Taekwondo Championship in year 2022, and hence the Shantanu sees great opportunities ahead in this exciting journey.

Dr. Prasad Kulkarni, the secretary of Aurangabad District Taekwondo Association congratulates and wishes the best for Shantanu's success in international level Championships.

As the time flies, we are going to witness the champion that millions will get inspired from and therefore athletes like Shantanu Santikar keeps the passion alive no matter what the situation be around.

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