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Sambhajinagar's Vishwajeet Shukla Aims to Win Olympic Medal in Taekwondo for India

Eighteen-year-old Vishwajeet Shukla from Chh. Sambhajinagar (Aurangabad) has recently received black belt Dan-1 from Kukkiwon, South Korea.

At 18, Vishwajeet is just like other boys of his age with a life that revolves around college, studies, and friends. And just like them, he loves to play games on the phone and the field. However, what sets this young boy apart from others is his confidence, discipline, perseverance, and single-minded dedication to Taekwondo.

He has been practicing Taekwondo, a Korean martial arts at Big Star Taekwondo Academy under Master Chony Basnet, an Indian-Nepalese international coach since 2022.

"My coach, Master Chony, always motivates me to balance my academics and Taekwondo training so that I can practically perform well in real life," says Vishwajeet.

Vishwajeet believes that everyone should take up some form of sports, especially since children are always under so much academic pressure to perform in today’s time. “I really would like to encourage other students of my age to take up sports activities.

Physical activities and sports are helpful to relieve stress, rejuvenate, and increase fitness levels,” he adds.

Vishwajeet Shukla takes inspiration from his friends Huzef, Chaitanya & Prasad, who also practice the sports at Big Star Taekwondo Academy “My Taekwondo friends are supportive, it is them who have constantly motivated me to improve” he shares.

So far, no Indian Taekwondo player has ever qualified for an Olympics, and hence, Vishwajeet aims to represent India at Los Angeles Olympics 2028.

"This boy is doing awesome. He is loyal with his training, and seriousness can be seen while he trains, and that's why I give his examples to other athletes, " says Master Chony Basnet.

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